Saturday, May 31, 2014

Guess What Max Did Today

I had planned an entirely different post for tonight--a well-organized, well-edited, polished kind of piece, but I'm a week post-surgery (nothing life-threatening) and frankly, I'm tired. So, instead...

Grocery shopping. Ugh. A seemingly benign, and often enjoyable experience rendered almost intolerable by one's own small children. There's one grocery store in town that has carts large enough to seat two children side-by-side. Unfortunately, that's not the one that houses my bank, so this afternoon we braved the other one.

Until recently, I could put Max in the seat and nestle Chance's bucket in the cart, squeezing groceries in around the edges. Chance is too big for that now, so today he sat in the seat and Max walked alongside.

Let me say that again in case you didn't quite catch it.

Max walked alongside.

Through the entire store.

For 30 minutes.

It wasn't perfect. There was some flopping, one unexpected break for the door, many misplaced items and a box of cookies I didn't plan to buy, but we did it.

I feel like I passed a test. A really, really hard test.

Now here's the real question: Can we do it again next week?

How do you keep your toddler near the cart? Tell me about it in the comments.

And now, a couple of goodnight, back lit, phone pics:

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