Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Laugh: Max Sleeps Folded In Half...Literally

Of all of the physical characteristics that can come with Down syndrome, Max's low muscle tone seems to be the one that continuously makes the biggest impression on Sean and I.

Sean sent me this picture today.

That's Max in our back room, asleep, folded completely in half. Notice the feet protruding from either side of his head like a set of  on tiny antlers. He does this most nights after sitting bolt upright, still asleep, and then slumping forward. I've never known him to begin sleeping this way.

I think we are raising a future contortionist!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Glimpse: Remembering How It Was

I just received an email letting me know that someone rated my post on Circle of Moms. I didn't remember ever posting there so I clicked and this is what I found:

Hi there. Our son will be turning 2 in November, but I remember well what you are going through. When I was 12 weeks pregnant, my husband and I were told there was a 1 in 10 chance of our baby having Down syndrome. We chose to do a CVS which confirmed the diagnosis. We were devastated, passing through several stages over the course of several months before we came to terms with it. By his birth we had accepted the diagnosis, and were looking forward to meeting him. Now, he is the biggest joy in our lives. There were health struggles at first stemming primarily from his congenital heart defect, but since the repair he has thrived. He's energetic, loving, funny, happy, easy-going, curious, determined, and, well, the greatest little boy we could have ever asked for. At first I thought that Down syndrome had ruined my baby. But after meeting him I realized it was the Down syndrome that makes him perfect.

 Except for the "easy-going" part of it, every bit is still true. I love my boy.