Monday, May 5, 2014

Focus on the Positive

Some days are hard. Today ended hard but didn't start that way. It started in the normal way. Early alarm, shower, dress, breakfast. Then at 6:00 I heard Max's door click and the morning quickly went from normal to, "Yeah! I get to see my boys!" That's a rarity on workday mornings.

With bottle in hand I crept upstairs and found Chance gnawing the crib rail. He giggled when he saw me. As I changed his diaper he took long, relieved drags on the nipple. Sean kissed my cheek on his way to the bathroom and Max patted my hip and babbled until I said, "Good morning." And it was.

But like I said, today ended hard. I won't dwell on it here, but it was filled with vomit and cancelled plans to watch Daddy play softball.

Instead, I focus on the positive, like this morning, and some moments from this weekend. Please enjoy them with me.


  1. Such a beautiful little boy.

    1. Laying on his belly on the couch is a new thing. It's cute.

    2. He's growing up. Tender moments.