Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Smarty Pants

Max is amazing! Here's the proof:

Laundry day. I'm in the basement gathering my clothes from the washer and I can hear Max banging his ball around the living room. Then it's up the stairs and into the kitchen to hang my more delicate items over the chairs to dry. As I near the final piece (a pretty little pink bolero I like to wear with sundresses) I notice the silence. It's that dreaded silence--the signal that something's wrong. "But there was no thud," I say to myself. "No one's crying. But I better check it out." So a few quick steps and I round the corner to see my boy Max, binky in the mouth, head cranked back, mesmerized by the television. "Baby Noah? I don't remember putting that on." And then it hits me. Max did it! Max turned on the DVD player and started the video by himself! What a smarty pants!

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