Saturday, May 19, 2012

In the Morning

Morning is my favorite time of the day. On a sunny spring morning like this one the air is crisp, the birds are catching up on the latest birdie news, the dewy grass sparkles, and all the colors look freshly painted.

I love my boy Max in the morning! He is at his most magnificent when he wakes from a full night's sleep. When I scoop him out of his crib he is nothing but smiles. Usually by the time I get there he has been awake for some time, and has resourcefully turned on the music on his mobile's base. He reaches up to me and we both head downstairs. Everything is exciting! I lay him on the floor to give him a fresh, clean diaper and he makes a break for it on his belly! He bursts into belly laughs when I grab his ankle and slide him back my way. I get him on his back and his eyes dart from side to side searching for Scout, his talking green dog that has become his best buddy. I hand Scout to him and he sighs a beautiful sigh full of contentment. And then the dancing begins! Max squeezes Scout's paws until one of his favorite songs starts and then lets it all loose. His head sways like Stevie Wonder, his hands flap (not quite to the rhythm), and his little feet clap together again and again and again. I can't help but smile.

How could you ask for a better morning?

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