Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Max and I had a busy day today. First stop: the doctor's office. One of the odder (in my opinion) characteristics of Down syndrome is small internal passages--nasal, ears, intestines. As a result, Max's colds tend to last just a little bit longer and hit him just a little bit harder. During today's out-of-routine morning bath, and a few hardy coughs and sneezes, it became clear that Max's cold was getting the best of him. So off we went.

From there we headed to the garden center for deer block to protect my fledgling vegetables. Then on to Babies R Us for gates. Max has so perfected the combat crawl that no part of the house is off limits, expect when blocked by gates. Then finally, a quick stop to say "Hi" to Daddy, who unfortunately has to work on holidays.

After lunch and a nice long nap we headed to the back yard. While I installed my deer block, Max enjoyed the sun with the company of several toys. His new game is to knock over anything he can, and then try to set it upright again.


Back inside we attempted some finger-painting. I should've known better. As far as Max was concerned, the paints were clearly edible. Perhaps some sort of yogurt, or a yummy, colorful chocolate sauce! Don't worry, they're non-toxic. I checked.

By this point, poor Max was losing steam again, so we headed into the living room for some relaxing play before dinner. Max is now sound asleep, and I'll be joining him soon!

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