Monday, July 9, 2012

New Routine

It's been too many days since my last post, and as seems to be the perpetual problem of late, I don't have enough time to say very much. (You'd think that having the summer off would give me too much time, but I've just got a busy, busy life! And a new routine is always disrupting)

So here's the deal:

A few nights ago, Max had a sleepover with Grammy and Papa, and the next morning my mom called to tell me...

Max can climb stairs!!!!

Holy crap!!

Max has been combat crawling very well for months now but has no interest in getting up on his hands and knees. He is so motivated to be on his feet that his physical therapist has very grudgingly given in, and she now practices standing and walking with him. Stairs have also been a small focus in his therapy recently. Apparently, some kids will crawl on all fours AFTER they have mastered the stairs. Who knew?

My mom's house has the perfect stairs for a beginning climber. They are carpeted, and the flight is short.

Max in mid flight (hee hee).
Max at the finish line! Grammy's waiting for him at the top.
Now this poses a problem for Sean and I. We live in a VERY old home. When it was built child-proofing didn't exist. Check out our main stairs:

Max's next challenge!
OMG! The flight is long and creaky, each step is shallower than standard modern stairs, and they are flanked by rails on one side (not so bad), exposed brick on the other (what?!) and hardwood at the bottom (actually, the floor is pine so is it's technically soft wood but Max's head won't know the difference). We have a second staircase with steps so shallow you have to turn your foot sideways to climb them. And the stairs to the basement are spiral and metal. We're doomed!

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