Sunday, July 22, 2012

Calf-Scours, Nesting Cups, and Scars

What is it about antibiotics that makes changing diaper a thoroughly nasty chore? Newborn diapers, especially those filled with breast milk poops, are about as bad as it gets UNTIL your 20-month-old takes antibiotics. Yuck! The other night I was so...I don't know...impressed (?) that I called my dad just to tell him about it. He laughed and called it a calf-scour. A what?! Apparently, as a kid on the farm, he and his family called the newborn calf poops calf-scours. Double-yuck!

Calf-scours aside, Max is feeling a little bit better. After seven days in a row his fever finally broke yesterday. We celebrated first by stacking blocks. Max's laughs and laughs whenever he knocks them down.

He made sure he got every last one of them.

Then we took a quick dip in the pool. Nesting cups...Max's favorite water toy.

You can see some evidence of Down syndrome in the following photos:

Here you see the faint scar running down the middle of Max's chest, evidence of his open-heart surgery to repair his complete AV canal defect. (Keep checking in for a detailed account of the most impactful event in Max's life--and in ours--to date.) It is a symbol of how strong, resilient and able he is.

Here you see the wide, flat nape that identifies people with Down syndrome from behind. I find it a perfect placed for planting kisses.

And here you see a beautiful, magnificent, perfect little boy.

And we continued our celebration today. A long nap, a quick swim, a relaxing stroll, and then Max waved goodbye. First time ever!

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