Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Midweek Check-in: The Evil Twins

Today marks day 11 of my upper respiratory revolt and my mattress is beckoning, but I thought it important to quickly ask:

Does the full moon transform your children into beasts?

Yesterday (full moon, I believe), the roles of my children were played by imposters bent on making me hate them with every fiber of my being. To say I was exhausted, disappointed, discouraged, frustrated, insert adjective of your choice here, at bedtime is an understatement.

To my extreme pleasure the universe saw fit to return my children today and we had a lovely afternoon. They were reasonably well-behaved, very giggly, ate well and went to sleep easily. What a relief.

And while I didn't feel in the mood to snap pics today, I've got a few recent ones to share.


One of many pics of Maximus the Sleepy.

Waiting for Daddy to take him to opening day at Fenway Park.

Attempted baby selfie.

Clown car.



  1. I love your story and the pictures are so cute. Max looks so big in this Red Sox jacket.

    1. You know, just yesterday I was looking at him thinking, "My goodness. He's a little boy!" It took him a while--no growing of fast for Max--but he finally made it. He's a big boy!