Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Laugh: Fenway Opening Day 2014

Today was Opening Day at Fenway. Max is three years old and has been four times. Sean and I took him when he was barely five months old. It was cold, windy and really loud, and he slept like a baby (yes, pun intended). Sean has taken him every year since, and every time it's cold, windy and really loud and yet he still sleeps like a baby.

There was a woman there that said to Sean, "Your son is soooo cute. Mine's 24." Kind of a weird thing to say, only it isn't. When Sean told me this just a few minutes ago, I filled in the blank right away. Has that ever happened to you? "Your son is soooo cute. Mine has Down syndrome too. He's 24." We belong to the club. We didn't choose it, but we're so happy to be here. And today it made me laugh, twice.

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