Sunday, January 5, 2014

End of the Year in Review

I've been hiding and it's been lovely. 12 days free of long commutes, f-bombs in the hallway and senioritis. In their place I've had time for baking, baby snuggles and even an occasional glass of wine.

Speaking of which, hold for one minute...

Much better.

I'm not sure how other working mothers do it, but my boys wear me out. Except for a pretty scrumptious quiche on Christmas Eve, my baking was all post-Santa. In fact, it wasn't until the 26th that the hardcore relaxation even began. And begin it did. On one blissful morning Sean sequestered the kids in the living room and I slept until 11:00 am. I have no memory of the last time I did that. When I finally woke (because my phone rang) my body ached for lack of practice. Can you believe it?

That's enough about me. Now on to Max and Christmas.

Max is signing "binky." He made that sign up.
Even at three years of age Santa's not on the radar and there was no giddy anticipation of Christmas. In the weeks preceding I said "yes" to everyone who asked if Max was excited, but truthfully, I don't think he got it.  Presents, though, he gets. Finally. And I love it! Watching him tear open the paper to reveal the goodies inside, seeing the smiles and the wide eyes--especially when Mickey Mouse peered back at him--nothing better.

It's taken Max a long time to reach each and every milestone and they're met with great praise and excitement, and sometimes relief. But it's the little things, like trying to pry open a box to get at the toy inside, that make me feel like I finally have my little boy (instead of my baby). He has arrived and he's just like everyone else.

And now I miss him! He and Daddy have been in Vermont with Nonnie and Grandpa since New Year's Eve. So it's been me and my boy, Chance. There've been new foods--"sweet" is not a favorite. Learning to climb--mostly under, not over. And bouncing. Lots and lots of bouncing!

*Two days have passed since I started this post--long story. Max came home in the meantime. He looked so big to me. For just a fleeting second I got to see Max as others see him. He was beautiful, as he always is.


  1. I love the picture of the boys in their Christmas pj's. So cute!

  2. he is BEAUTIFUL <3 The glasses...they always look like a superhero mask to me! Thank you for sharing your life so freely with the world. Peace and Joy!

    1. Max has a habit of taking the glasses off and popping out the lenses. I've thought about finding those sports glasses that look like Oakley's for toddlers. Can you imagine? He'd look the Flash or something!