Monday, August 5, 2013


Big discoveries are awesome. Like discovering the New World, or gold in California, or how delicious peanut butter is covered in chocolate. But little discoveries are more fun. Like...

Hammocks are fun.
Aunt Laurel, Max and Cousin Nicholas
Papa, Max and Cousin Nicholas
So are bubbles.
Papa, Max and Cousin Nicholas
 Fishing is bonding.
Cousin AJ and Uncle Andy
Daddy, Max and a pike
Papa and the bass
Max likes soccer.
Max and Aunt Nicole
The men are focused.

Uncle Matt
Uncle Andy, Daddy and Cousin AJ
My family is beautiful.

Max, me and Chance
Daddy and Chance
And the best discovery is one I make every year. I love family vacations.

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  1. And I love our family vacations too!! We always have a blast, and lots of relaxing too. Our house this year was great on Lake Champlain. I love this family of ours :)