Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I need a new camera. Mine is more than ten years old so I've been using one that belongs to Sean, but the pictures come out looking like someone rubbed sand on the lens. My sister-in-law, Laurel, is a wonderful amateur photographer and when she doesn't want to carry around the crazy expensive camera with the even crazier expensive giant telescoping lens she uses a nice little point-and-shoot that makes my mouth water! But, cameras cost money and ours is earmarked for other things right now, so I'm settling for sand.

Oh, and my cell phone. But you know, even though cell phone cameras have come a really long way it's still, well, a cell phone camera.

And then there's this.

Max at a new park we found.
See how wide the photo is? It fills the screen of my phone. It's even more noticeable in vertical photos.


Chance, again.
To be fair, sometime it looks cool, like in this photo I took yesterday of Sean at the beginning of our anniversary celebrations.

We were the first to want a table. Cool.
It actually looks kind of cool. But I did air some frustration to Sean who grabbed my phone and fiddled for a second. When I got it back, this is what happened:

My hero.

Yeah!! Real picture size. Now I can pass of some of my phone pics for real ones until I get that killer camera!

So this morning, Max and I played and caught a googly-eyed monster.

And later, Sean documented this momentous event:


And now, that googly-eyed monster has woken from his nap, so off I go!

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  1. Fun to look at. I hope you get this camera. Maybe everyone can chip in and you can get it for/after Christmas. You can hope.