Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Second Chance

I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself. And to think, just today I was telling my mom that I'm afraid Sean and I have set him up for a lifetime of teasing. Oh wait...where are my manner? You don't know what I'm talking about.

Meet Chancellor James. We call him Chance.

He's our June 4th baby boy, and Max's little brother.

At two weeks of age, he eats and poops, but mostly he sleeps.

He sleeps bundled up in his hat,

He sleeps with his binky,

He sleeps hands in the air,

He sleeps snuggled into Mommy,

Oh, and he chews his tiny hands,

Big brother Max is having a hard time adjusting. For the first seven days Max hit me, threw things at me, and became skilled at the temper tantrum. Any mention of "little brother" was met with a very aggressive "all done" sign. Clear indication that Max had no interest whatsoever in this tiny freeloader who was suddenly occupying so much of Mommy's time.

These last seven days have seen a shift in Max's anger away from Mommy now directed toward Daddy. Sean has several bite marks as proof, including a small amount of flesh removed from his shoulder just the other night. Time-outs have increased exponentially. But as difficult as it is for Max right now, we know it's not permanent. He'll get used to Chance, and soon he won't even remember a time before Chance came to us.

And to help the little man out, I'm trying to fill his time with fun. Like today, my mom and I took the boys into Boston to one of the "water parks". To say our little fish had fun would be a massive understatement.

I'm looking forward to many more joyful summer days with my boys in the weeks to come.

But as I read, and reread this post, I find that my fatigue has gotten the best of me, and I can't add any wit or cleverness. So, I think it's time. Goodnight, friends. I'll be back soon.

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  1. This was great. Fun day at the water park too! Such gorgeous boys!