Sunday, October 21, 2012

We're Moving

I wrote this last night with every intention of posting it until I realized I had no way to get the photos and movie off my Mac and onto my mother's iPad. Better late than never.

So for the last two weeks, give or take, we've been moving. Sean, bless his heart, is trying to save us money. So, since we are staying in the same town, rather than hire movers, or even rent a truck, Sean has been passing out beers to whichever friends take the bait in exchange for moving as many things as possible in about three hours a night. The only limitation is that everything must fit in our minivan.

During that first week I was so whipped after working all day, playing with and feeding Max, and helping with the move, that  let's just say there was nothing left to create a post even remotely worth reading. I didn't wanna torture y'all. Then this past week we've spent our nights at the new place since more of our stuff was here than at the old place. BUT, we still don't have any Internet connection. My lovely mother was kind enough to lend me her iPad tonight so I could make this quick post. (No, I haven't forgotten about the Buddy Walk, but it'll have to wait so I can do it a little more justice.)

So, on to the star of My Boy Max.

Moving is exciting when you are almost two! There are all kinds of fun things to get into. The best of them all is the mountains of packing paper that Grammy lets fall to the floor. Do you remember when the simplest thing brought the greatest joy?

I call this, " Fun with Paper."

BTW, that's Grammy in the background.

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