Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Mix of Stuff

Tonight's post is a bit funny (funny weird, not funny ha-ha). I don't really have a theme. Just a few things I'd like to tell you about.

On the Farm

First, somehow during the first few weeks of this new school year these photos didn't get posted. Shame on me! Quick background info: In September, my dad's financial company had a client appreciation day at a local "farm." I think it was probably a farm once upon a time, but now it's more like a fun-park. There's a petting zoo, driving range, batting cage, arcade, beach volleyball and bumper boats. It's pretty fun, especially if you're a kid.

That's my nephew, AJ. He's on the left, and very competently driving that magnificently purple bumper boat.
And here he is again, letting that volleyball know who's boss. It wasn't long before my dad joined the game.
Hey, look at that. Twins! Max didn't appreciate being left out, and soon made his way onto the court.

The binky helps to prevent Max from shoveling fistfuls of sand into his mouth. He's strangely obsessed. Needless to say, we don't spend much time in the sand box, especially in public parks. You never know how many cats have passed through in the last few days.
And finally, a snuggle with Papa.

Doggy Kisses

We don't have a pet right now. When Max was born, Mitchell, my fifteen-year-old cat was still with us.
Max was fascinated with him. Mitchell was fantastic with children, resigning himself to the smacks and tail pulls, never swatting or hissing even once. Last Halloween he wandered off and never came home.

Sean has a cat, Mo, but she's rarely here. She's quite a hunter, and fends for herself most of the time. We really only see her when it rains. Cats and water, you know. She's not quite as good with children as Mitchell, so I try to keep Max away from her when she's here.

My brother, Andy, is a dog guy. He keeps Jack Russells. Right now he only has one, Roxy. Like all Russells, she's got energy to spare.  Since Max doesn't get much exposure to animals at home, he spends our visits to Andy's house chasing Roxy down. She loves it!
Here's AJ, just a couple of weeks ago, helping Max to keep Roxy from smothering him with kisses, but...
...Roxy won.

World Record

Max is officially a Toddler. That is, he has finally made his complete transition from the Infant room to the Toddler room at his daycare. (We--mostly me--have been a bit slow to make the move.) When I picked him up on Thursday I discovered that Max had achieved a world record!
If you look closely you'll see that Max read two books to win the record: Ladybug Girl and Bug Squad. Way to go!

To the Max

Tomorrow is our Buddy Walk. We're really excited! To the Max is $95 short of our team fundraising goal of $1500. Not too shabby. It's a big improvement over last year, and next year we'll go even bigger! All week long, The Weather Channel app on my phone has forecasted rain, but right now it's predicting just clouds. Let's hope those weather people are right!

It's gonna be a great day no matter what the weather. Lauren Potter, from Glee, will be there. And just a few days ago they announced that James Massone, that likeable kid from Boston on last year's The Voice has agreed to make an appearance.

The celebrities are fun to see, and they bring a lot of publicity to the event. But tomorrow is about more than that. Tomorrow is a day for people with Down syndrome, their families and their friends to be seen and acknowledged. It is a day for the world to see our loved ones as competent, contributing members of society. It is a day for all of us to show the world just how important our children with Down syndrome are, not just to us, their families, but to the world at large. Their presence in our lives teaches us compassion and empathy. We learn to accept, feel comfortable with, and value what is different. We become better people. Isn't that what really matters?

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