Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fun with Friends

Recently I wrote about feeling like a bit of an outsider in my town, and that awkward, uncomfortable feeling that comes when a stranger finds out that Max isn't quite like her little one.

Well, in the last seven days Max and I have reconnected with great friends whose lives have finally calmed a bit after welcoming a new baby into their lives and a moving into a new house.

Calvin lounging.
 That little guy's older sister was born one month after Max.

Carah mesmerized by cartoons.
This red-headed beauty can jump, and climb, and run, and even has a few words. So where is that twinge of discomfort when she literally runs circles around Max as they both giggle?

"Cooking" together a few days earlier.
Nowhere. It never existed. You see, her mom, Cait, and I were pregnant together. We shared our joys, our concerns, our frustrations. She also knew early on that Max would be born with Down syndrome. Sean and I were very forthcoming about Max's diagnosis with everybody, so when Max was born there was no shock. Our friends and family were already prepared. There was no discomfort, just excitement, support and love

Now, Cait just sees Max as Max. He's not that little boy at the park who's not quite like everyone else. He Carah's friend, and that's all. It's terrific. There are no awkward explanations, uncomfortable silences, or feeling the need to sneak out a little early.

And that's all I really want. Look at that little boy. And look at that little girl. They're not so different, don't you think? I mean, come on, they even have (almost) the same color hair!

Thank you, friends.


  1. Max Isn't different, I'm his Grammy and I know. He has ONE more chromosome than the rest of us, no biggie. When the public sees a person with Down syndrome it would be great if they would remember this. 

Downs children have all the love, affection, and desires of all children. Actually, Downs children
    tend to have an overflowing love and affection. I think one of the blessings is that they stay a baby a bit longer. 

It's hard for me to explain how wonderful it is to have Max in our family, and to have had the opportunity to know him. His whole extended family feels this way. Max is Max to all of us. He's WONDERFUL!!!! We wouldn't change a chromosome in him. Max isn't a typical child maybe, but he's quite normal. If you ever have an opportunity to get to know a person with Down syndrome, take that opportunity, you will be happy you did.

  2. "Max isn't a typical child maybe, but he's quite normal." I love that line! Can I steal it? :)