Saturday, June 9, 2012

Play Date

Ah, the play date. That sacred time when baby is occupied and mom gets to have a conversation with a grown up. Max and I rarely pass up a play date. During our first few, Max played on the floor right next to his little friend, completely oblivious to his or her presence. Now, though, it's a whole new game. Max, the perpetual charmer, chats and smiles and give's high-fives. I love it!

Today's play date was special. Max got the rare opportunity to play with another handsome little boy with Down syndrome, which meant that I got to chat for 2 whole hours with another mom who...well, who gets it. I have to admit, though, at first it looked a little iffy. Both boys seemed nervous and uncomfortable. Max demonstrated a rare moment of separation anxiety while I installed a gate (or tried to install a gate--a virtually impossible task in a house without 90 degree angles). It looked like our little date might be a bust, and then in a flash of genius, I suggested a snack. There is nothing like sharing a meal together. And it worked! A few dips into the snack bowl, and the boys were as happy as could be. And that left us moms time to chat.

Can't wait to do it again.

PS--Photos would be an awesome addition to this post, I know, but it just wasn't in the cards today. There will be future photos, however, so keep checking!

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