Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Three Days of Summer!

There are many great things about being a teacher, but I think most people would agree that the best part is getting the whole summer off.  Max and I haven't wasted one second of our first three days.


Happy morning. Lots of play in pajamas before Lisa, his physical therapist, arrived. Max has adopted a new gesture to signify excitement. Check out the hands:

What you can't see is the toothy grin on the other side. Music usually does it.


We expected sun, but didn't get any so Max got to spend some quality time with Baby Einstein.

Then on to an art project. Max isn't really into them much...yet. But he loves monkeys so we couldn't pass this one up.

Finally, super hero time! Max did an excellent job fighting off his arch rival--a metal Patriots garbage can.


Crazy hot!! One of those days in which sweat runs down the back while just standing still. Luckily, Max had his first Early Intervention play group of the summer so we got to spend the morning in some conditioned air. After a Max-and-Mommy date for lunch (we had french toast and scrambled eggs at the local diner) Max cooled off in the little pool that Grammy got for him.

He sure loves the water!

Here's to 70 more days of summer!

A side note about swimming:

I have no memory of not being able to swim. Max has Down syndrome and with that comes significantly low muscle tone. We see it every day. I mean, Max is 19 months old and his preferred mode of transportation is combat crawling, but that doesn't mean he can't swim. Sean takes him to pool therapy once a week, and I make sure he gets his face wet every bath. If we keep it up, Max won't have a memory of not being able to swim either. After all, it's really a matter of life or death.

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