Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Say what?!

Sean is away on business this week so the boys and I are staying with my parents. I leave for work so early in the morning that someone else has to be with the boys when they wake up. Max loves hanging with Grammy and Papa so it's a nice solution to our child care dilemma.

Today, early afternoon, I received a text from my mom asking me to give her a call punctuated by a smiley emoticon--confirmation that there was, in fact, no emergency. Here's how the call went:

"Hey, Mom."

"Hi," she said with an inflection that said you'll never guess.

"Um, is Max sleeping?"

"Well." Again that inflection. "I went up to check on him and he was in my closet."

"What?!" See, Max sleeps in a Pack n' Play at Grammy's.

"Yeah. He climbed out and started reorganizing for me."

"Climbed out?" I asked, both impressed and horrified.

"Yeah, climbed out. I wanted to see if he'd do it again so I put him back in and he climbed right back out again. Really fast."

"Wow. Holy cow. Can you record it for me?"

This is what she got:

Boy are our lives about to change!

And you need to realize how impressive this actually is. Having Down syndrome means that Max has low muscle tone. His resulting weak muscles cause him to reach gross motor milestones significantly later than typical children. I mean, he rolled over at 10 months. He began to combat crawl at 14 months. Walking came at 25 months. Climbing out of the crib? Geez! Part of me was actually thinking we might never have to deal with it. I kinda wanted to keep him in a crib until he became to heavy to lift out. Looks like Max had a plan of his own.

So here's the kicker. I sent that video to Sean, and between meetings he texted me, "Cool. I taught him that on Monday. Don't be mad."

Say what?!

It seems Sean thought Max was ready to climb out and wanted to teach him how to do it safely. Oh, man! How can I be mad about that?


  1. Can't be mad at Sean, But, the huge thing is that Max had the strength. He amazed me because he he could raise his leg up to his shoulders then swing the other leg up and over,... then he stayed in that position of a minute holding all of his 30-lbs by his arms. I know he's not supposed to have strong muscles, but I really do thing he is quite strong shown here, and he shows it when he's angry and starts swinging :) A little strong man. I feel so proud of him :)

  2. FYI all, Amy didn't write the above, I did, her mom. She borrowed my computer and didn't sign out which I didn't realize until after it posted. It's me that is so proud,... Grammy!!!