Monday, March 11, 2013

Revelations and Nonsense

So tonight I'll be posting twice.

At least, that's what I'd like to do. But alas, always a perfectionist I have struggled, but finally come to terms with the fact that teaching full time and raising a toddler while pregnant and married to a man who works some nights and every weekend makes publishing regular posts, well, challenging. So tonight I really feel like posting a meandering piece about life recently, but I've also been preparing a more serious and very timely piece. I fear that if I put it off much longer, life will intervene and it will go the way of all the other started but never finished projects I had every intention of completing but never did.

Hopefully I've guilted myself into completing that post later this week.

So...Friday, about ten minutes before leaving for work I got THE call. That most marvelous of calls: "There will be no school today." Oh, the joys of winter in New England.

That was early morning, and the snow continued unchanged until evening. We were buried under close to 20 inches. So what is a girl to do when she's cooped up inside? Photo shoot!

What perfect subject matter.

And then came...the weekend.

This pathetic display was followed shortly by a high fever, harsh cough and enough snot to glue together all the pages of Oxford English Dictionary.

My nephews did their best to lighten the mood.

Max wanted nothing to do with it. He even refused pizza. So today he got to spend the day with Grammy.

As heartbreaking as it is to see my baby feeling so badly, I take rather guilty pleasure in all the lazy snuggles that come with no interest in regular activities.

On a lighter note, my nephews were over with their parents--my brother and his wife--dropping off the hand-me-down furniture we are using for the baby. And great timing too. I'm deep in the throws of hormone-induced nesting frenzy, aggravated very badly by the fact that we haven't yet finished unpacking from our October move. I even found the time to work on the artwork I've designed for the nursery. I'll post some pics when it's done.

While they were over I was reminded of that vast chasm that exists, at times, between men and women. Admiring my very round belly, my brother, seven years my senior, said to me, "Wow. You are big." Just what every woman wants to hear. But it gets better. He continued, "You are so much bigger than two girls on my staff, and they already had their babies!" Awesome. Then just as the sting from that blow started wearing off Sean, who was not present for my verbal beat-down, said, "You look so much more pregnant than you did at the end last time." Oh, really?

The nail in that coffin was pounded in this morning by my student who said, "SeƱora! You look so pregnant in that shirt!"

So I wear it like a badge of honor, and indulge in the fever induced toddler caresses across my mammoth middle.

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